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About Us

Viralian Group Inc. was founded in 2010 as one of the subsidiaries of Ahran Tejarat co. in order to manage the marketing and sales of it.

Since Viralian Group Inc. great performance, responsibilities and authorities were elevated by Ahran Tejarat co. board of directors and Viralian Group Inc. started to participate in manufacturing and importing healthcare products in respond to increasing needs of Iranian market, craving for high quality healthcare services.

Viralian Group Inc. established a subsidiary company, Karamad Teranik Co. in order to develop its market share in medical equipment market as well.

Now Viralian Group Inc., according to its core founding values that is to provide cost effective services to address arising needs of high quality healthcare services of the growing market, manufactures wide variety of medications locally in different therapeutic fields like: cardiovascular, gynecology, dermatology, infectious diseases, gastro-intestinal diseases and etc. with best available APIs lead to unique products in terms of efficacy, safety and patient compliance profile.



Viralian is committed to providing innovative products and services based on superior industry knowledge and a real understanding of the issues that affect our clients to meet the unmet medical needs of practitioners and their patients. We relentlessly pursue breakthrough ideas for our dual core competencies: product development and direct marketing approaches. Our ultimate goal is to establish positive relations and credibility with all external customers. Trust is a true and tangible link that positively differentiates our company’s operations through transforming partners, customers and key stakeholders into individuals emotionally convinced to our strategies and concepts. The ability to create such a lasting relationship is a unique  result  of  our  everyday work based on words and deeds.


Our vision is to shape the way our customers view “Viralian” by introducing an extraordinary experience, where innovation, modern technology, integrity and professionalism is at the forefront of who we are.

As we move towards our goal of being a top-class pharmaceutical company, we will support pharmaceutical business on a professional scale. Viralian company will inspire its employees to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers to help people enjoy life. We intend to maximize return to the stockholders while still maintaining quality in our products.

Our Vission

Our Commitment

As a responsible business, we believe that all our products should be ethically sourced; therefore we will only work with companies who share our belief and embrace our values of respect for patients,  respect  for  HCPs,respect  for  suppliers  and  respect  for  the  society. At VIRALIAN GROUP INC. we fully recognize our responsibility to patients and healthcare professionals and our impact upon it.

Make it Better, is one of the core standards that we have at Viralian. Hence, we will continue to explore every opportunity to provide a meaningful change to our society. We are continually reviewing our procedures and strengthening our ethical policy.

Our policy is one of our continuous improvements.

We offer every client, years of combined experience and trusted reputation. We are known  for exceeding expectations when it comes to both revenue generated and customer service. All made possible by a full-time experienced team members, who each possess their own set of specialized knowledge, so our clients are assured of receiving not only top quality products, but also the most professional and reliable experience possible. Because of our deep relationships with KOLs, HCPs, Pharmacies, Governmental and private suppliers, we’re able to find appropriate consumers for every category of pharmaceuticals; so that possessions from the past can continue to provide memories for others in the future.

Core Values

Our core values and objectives determine how we behave and interact with our colleagues, customers, retailers, shareholders, and other individuals.


We keep our promises and commitments, and we accept personal responsibility for our actions and focus on finding solutions and delivering results.



React quickly to internal and external changes without losing time. Our offer on cooperation based on contract manufacturing is open to be discussed with new partners.

Team work

In order to achieve common goals, we have an open and mutual relationship. We are committed to each other and support each other’s efforts. Our team members are experts within their specific areas and have a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical marketing and business developmental cycle.


Customer Orientation

We focus on satisfying customers, and we consistently try to meet the patients’ health needs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life with a commitment to transparency, sustainability, and delivering products to patients with the highest quality. We, as a client with a challenging role or a candidate with a market specialism are determined that you will receive a professional service from people who truly understand the expectations and requirements of your industry.

Knowledge Based

Pursuing the latest scientific and qualitative findings is an imperative principle in Viralian group; we consistently try to provide high-quality products based on scientific principles and health- related considerations. With the ability to make agreement with local manufacturers and programming to establish our own manufacturing facilities, we appreciate an opportunity for some products to be manufactured locally.


Our activities are founded on the most professional, ethical, and behavioral standards and put transparency, honesty, fairness, and ethics at the core of all interactions. While respecting the rights of all stakeholders, we keep our promises to gain the trust of people. We are actively seeking new licensing opportunities, high-tech medicines and medical devices importation and a way to build long lasting business relationships with leader pharmaceutical companies in compliance with our market demands.


We seek transparency and dialogue with our addressed population to improve our understanding of their needs. The development of the materials that eventually became one of our major activities was started in part as an approach to this objective by focusing on academic  promotion  as  our  key  marketing  strategy.  Our hope is to share scientific literature and promotional materials with as wide a range of scientists and non-scientists as possible. For we know of nothing as profoundly exciting as to glimpse for the first time some new and basic truth.

Viralian Goals

Viralian is strongly committed to providing high quality products to improve the quality of life of patients.

Our vision is to explore newer products and newer markets.
Through our expertise, we pursue opportunities on behalf of patients facing disease to offer essential medicines and provide physicians and patients right choices for treatment which requires bold leaders.
adds significant value to our activities and is imperative to ensuring our experts are always up to speed, positioning Viralian group perfectly to offer service, analysis and support to our clients and candidates.

We partner with leading pharmaceutical, medical device, generics, biotechnology, clinical research, R&D, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and medical communications organizations and have acquired an enviable reputation for delivering top quality pharmaceuticals, medical devices and manufacturing facilities to our society.

Research and Development

At Viralian group Pharmaceutical Company, we have put research and development aiming to ensure delivery of higher quality products at the core of all our activities. Research and development at Viralian group are founded on the production of pharmaceutical products for medical needs. We deliver products for a healthy and high-quality life with new and innovative knowledge. Our research team focuses on formulating, producing, and improving products to treat a range of disorders, such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, digestive diseases, liver and biliary disorders, allergies, and nutritional supplements. Our products are audited and evaluated following the latest pharmaceutical standards.

We strive to develop our pharmaceutical products range by producing top-notch medications and importing the products of foreign partner companies whose activities comply with import laws.


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