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  Our people:
We are a close family of talented and driven people that strive to deliver quality and honesty

Our CEO:
Dr. S. Sotoudeh MD, serves as CEO of Viralian Group Inc. He is our guiding star, which sets our course for our long-term strategies and goals. He is a permanent leader of our day-to-day conduct and decision-making. Under his leadership, Viralian has launched many new partnerships, including the increase in company’s focus on new branded products and medical devices.

Our marketing team:
It's our job to help inform KOLs, HCPs, partners and users about the benefits of our products, our distinctive company culture/values, and our approach to the big medical policy issues of the day. We are a team of quick-witted, entrepreneurial and intellectually curious people. To succeed here, you'll need to be able to combine creativity with the organizational skills to manage numerous different projects to tight deadlines simultaneously, as well as enjoy pitching to all kinds of market issues. Things happen quickly at Viralian, and to get stuff done here you need to be an enthusiastic team player - a self-starter who can work cross-functionally and isn't frightened to take risks or try out new ways of doing things.

Our Business development team:
We start with nebulous questions and experiment with our platforms until we discover new domains and applications for strategic focus. Our team is fluid, better defined by capabilities than by cast-iron lines of responsibility. We are composed of technical people who provide expert knowledge on products, analysts, and communicators who listen. Our goal is to implement our platform where people need it, without a surplus of jargon. We don’t do business as usual; we do business as Viralian.

Our scientific team:
Science Exchange is a marketplace for scientific collaboration. As witnessed by the growing importance of evidence-based promotions, there is no greater weapon in our marketing team’s arsenal than scientific evidences. Being able to back up one’s claims for a medication with science is not only a good idea; it has become the chief method by which we can distinguish ourselves from rival companies with competing drugs. Our mission is to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific co-operation by using market-based incentives to promote collaboration with our clients. Our Scientific Team looks forward to interacting with you. Having years of experience in our individual area of expertise, we embrace interdisciplinary communication, to ensure the best ideas for scientific consultation.

Our commercial team:
We are recognized for successfully completing very substantial deals. We are well-qualified and capable of working with companies and manufacturers in dealing with the complex issues. Our focus is on securing strong investment outcomes for Viralian Group. We continue to structure service solutions that will meet the changing needs of current and future clients. Our intimate knowledge of commercial activities will ensure that our company’s commercial property needs are met with confidence and assurance.

Our regulatory team:
Our regulatory practice, deals with the most heavily regulated industries globally, including leading pharmaceutical companies and major manufacturers of medical devices, API and cosmetics. Our team is widely experienced. Combining our legal and technical expertise, our dynamic members navigate the complex national and international framework in order to advise on all regulatory aspects of commercialization of blockbuster products.

Our office staff:
Our Office Staff are a key part of Viralian family, dedicated to the facilitation of every day activities, and motivated to provide efficient and effective central functions that lead to rest of team members being able to share a friendly and lively environment, with a strong sense of support for each other. Our staff embody our company’s values: excellence, integrity, and dedication. The men and women of Viralian work in an environment that stimulates creativity, learning, growth, and contributions.

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