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  Established in 1981, AHRAN is a fully private firm with the aim of importation, marketing, sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, veterinary APIs and chemicals. Today, while its total sales ranks 4th among Iranian companies; Ahran is one of the most reliable import houses and marketing firms in Iran. It has received praise by authorities for maintaining availability of life saving medicines and has been awarded by partners in different occasions respecting its performance and operations.

On the height of Ahran’s activity, five companies were established as spin-offs, shaping the group as one of the major pharmaceutical holdings with 100% privately owned companies.

Viralian Group Inc., as one of the subsidiaries of Ahran Tejarate Co.; is dedicated to registration and marketing of pharmaceuticals for medical professionals, clinics, and hospitals across the country. Since our founding, we have been committed to meeting the pharmaceutical needs of our nation. Our core commitment has been to deliver benefits that achieve optimal health outcomes at the lowest net cost and this credo is still at the center of everything we do. At every step along the way over the past few years, two principles have guided our actions. First, our business model of alignment ensures that we succeed when our team members do well. Second, we have a deep belief that our point of view should be rooted in evidence not just opinions. These parallel guideposts lead us to concentrate on our clients’ most pressing challenges and on delivering innovative, proven solutions.

Although we have made great strides in enhancing the pharmaceutical business benefit over the years, we continue to believe that much work is still needed to optimize the utilization of more affordable pharmaceuticals and improve quality outcomes along with investing more in promotional programs. We look forward to addressing these challenges as we always have, to achieve meaningful results.

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