Medical journal advertising delivers the highest return on investment among all four key marketing activities. This plus its small share of medical promotion expenditures, suggests that medical journal advertising is underutilized. Spending the right amount in medical journals can enhance the role for all types of brands, small or large, new or established.

Advertisement in medical publications is the most important source of information for doctors—and still growing. They are a medium that doctors are most often exposed to, a medium where doctors see ads, recall the products and associate messages with the products.

Long-term returns may be even higher. While an advertisement in consumer magazines reaches potential purchasers individually, a pharmaceutical advertisement viewed by one physician could result in dozens or hundreds of drug purchases, especially if the drug is used over the long term. Journal advertisements are rarely a physician's first exposure to a product, but are reminders designed to reinforce other promotional efforts. They increase prescriptions for targeted drugs in a dose-related manner even when other promotional efforts are held constant.

Nevertheless, our pharmaceutical company puts a high value on advertising its products in print journals. Print promotion usually provides higher message penetration than detailing because print (most notably journals) obtains higher reach into the target audience with great consistency of message delivery, though, we consider utilizing this medium to a greater extent in our marketing activities.

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